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 New Student Waiting List
  1. Please visit the Sequoia school office on a Wednesday to place your child on the Sequoia Elementary School waiting list.
  2. The number of openings each year may change depending upon the number of student retentions, program changes, mobility, or those names on the sibling priority list. Sibling priority list pertains to incoming kindergartners only.
  3. Inform the school office of any changes in your phone number, address, movement out of the district, or change of plans to attend our program. If you do not visit the school office once yearly, your name will be removed from the waiting list for grades 1-5.
  4. You will be contacted for enrollment when your child's name has arrived at the top of the list. If the school cannot contact you, your place will not be held.
  5. If you are called to enroll and decline, your child's name will be removed from the waiting list. Should you decide to put your child's name back on the list, you must come to the office to fill out a new request for placement.
  6. All classes will be filled by the last workday in August before the first day of school. No child can be accepted for attendance in our program after this date. All forms, immunizations, birth certificate, proof of residency, etc. must be verified at the time of enrollment.
In order to put a child on the waiting list, originals of four forms must be provided as follows:
  1. Original birth certificate of child
  2. Parent’s picture ID: driver’s license or passport
  3. Two of the following documents, one from each list:                                                   
  4. List A:  current vehicle registration; or state or federal tax return with W2 attached or voter registration receipt showing current address                                                    
  5. List B: property tax bill must show homeowner's exemption; or current rental/lease agreement; or current payroll stub/check with address.

Kindergarten Lottery List

1. As of December 3, 2009, we have changed our enrollment procedures. To participate in the Kindergarten Lottery, your child must be placed on our lottery list between September 2nd – September 1st of the year your child turns four (see below). Parents do not need to wait until their child is four years old to place their child on our lottery list, but the birthday must be within that time frame. After September 1st, children will be placed on the waiting list and be selected on a first come first serve basis, but are not eligible for the Kindergarten Lottery.

Note: For the school year 2018-2019 school year incoming Kindergartners must be 5 on or before Sept. 1st​, 2018. Please see the list below for enrollment periods.

Enrollment Periods

 1.        5 Years Old By:               K Lottery Enrollment Period        K Start Year

* Sept 1, 2017                Sept 2, 2015 – Sept 1, 2016       2017/18
                 Sept 1, 2018                 Sept 2, 2016 – Sept 1, 2017       2018/19
                 Sept 1, 2019                 Sept 2, 2017 – Sept 1, 2018       2019/20
                 Sept 1, 2020                 Sept 2, 2018 – Sept 1, 2019       2020/21
                 Sept 1, 2021                 Sept 2, 2019 – Sept 1, 2020       2021/22

  *The 2017-2018 Lottery has taken place. You may put your child on the Waitlist for 2017-2018.               The 2018-2019 Lottery Enrollment Period is now open. 

2. The lottery is held annually after the close of the lottery period.

3. If your child gets a lottery number that guarantees a kindergarten space and you decide to wait another year for your child to enter kindergarten, you must receive permission from the MDUSD district office, and then you will be guaranteed a space for the following year if you still reside within the district boundaries.

4. If you were not offered a kindergarten space and you choose to wait another year to enter kindergarten, your child will participate in the lottery for the following year.

5. If your children are twins, they will be given consecutive lottery numbers. If there is only one space available, you will be offered that space. If you decline, you can decide to remain on the waiting list and will be offered the first opportunity to attend our program when two spaces are available.


Sibling Priority Waiting List
Sibling priority is only for incoming kindergarten students.
  • The following criteria must be met in order for a child to be identified as a sibling on the Kindergarten sibling priority list:
    • Student must attend Sequoia Elementary with their older sibling for a minimum of one year.
    • Student must be put on the sibling priority waiting list the year of their fourth birthday within the enrollment period.
  • It is the responsibility of the parents to notify the office of any sibling relationships.
Call our office if you have questions about these procedures: (925) 935-5721.          Updated: 3/28/17
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